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Case 1: simple dislocation of the left elbow (a) treated with an external hinged fixation device (b)
Treatment of fracture-dislocations or simple dislocations of the elbow using external axial fixation
Dislocations of the elbow joint, either with or without accompanying osseous lesions, represent one of the most common dislocations. Potential late complications after elbow dislocation include posttraumatic stiffness, joint instability, heterotopic ossification, and occult distal radioulnar joint disruption. Fractures of the distal humerus, olecranon, radial head, or coronoid process in combination with an elbow dislocation reflect an often underestimated severe softtissue damage. In this study, we present 3 different case of elbow dislocation, treated or not with an external axial fixation device, resulting in three different clinical results. The aim of this job is to present and underline how this device can improve the healing of patients with elbow dislocation, unstable or not.
Autore: Vanelli R., Belluati A., Colombelli A., Benazzo


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